Painting on Paper, Day 1

What a beautiful day to paint outside. The temperature, on a January day, in the 70s, unbelievable. Me, in a T-shirt, in January, inconceivable. 

I am prepping sheets of watercolor paper.

I tape off and wrap the sides and back to keep the white of the paper clean.

Sharing these steps today live, on Instagram.

2018-01-16 20.35.47.png

Taping  masking paper to the front.

2018-01-16 18.23.08.png

Folding the masking paper over to the back side and taping in place.

Starting with acrylic washes,

2018-01-16 19.25.38.png

in Vivid Colors,

2018-01-16 19.28.28.jpg

while painting loose with a large brush.

2018-01-16 19.42.19.jpg

Next step, spray paint using stencils.

Seal paintings with Golden Heavy Gel (Gloss) medium

Seal paintings with Golden Heavy Gel (Gloss) medium