Stretching Canvas- Creating Neat Corners

This video tutorial is about creating neat corners. The corners are the trickiest part of stretching the canvas. There are many ways to tackle the corners. This is the way that works for me.

*Note, when cutting out the excess canvas square in the corner, leave about 1/4 inch inside the fold lines for tacking down and folding under.*


Stretching your own canvas can save a lot of money. This past year I had painted on unstretched canvas and decided to hire someone to stretch it. This set me back $100 for a 24" x 30" x 1". That price included the wood stretcher fame and labor. I now stretch my own canvas. For a couple of dollars and a few tools, it is very easy to make the wood stretcher frame and stretch your own fabric. 

In this video I am stretching a 7 oz. Cotton Duck Canvas, Double Acrylic Gesso Primed canvas. This is something I had on hand. In the future, I will purchase cotton duck canvas from the fabric store and prime it myself after stretching it, another money saving trick.