Small Animal Portrait Plaque Custom Commission

Small Animal Portrait Plaque Custom Commission


These hand-cut wood plaques are so unique. They will make a statement on a wall inside or outside the home. They can be made to fit on a door or a piece of furniture like a headboard.  7" x 9" is the smallest size that can be made for one animal. Larger sizes can be created but will be a different price.

*Send at least three photos of each animal through the contact form. Photos taken outside with good lighting are best. 

*Let me know the colors you would like and the elements of nature (type of flowers, bird, bee, etc.)

*If you have a layout preference and size. Tall is portrait layout and wide is landscape layout. The pig is in the portrait layout and the two dogs are in the landscape layout.  

*Let me know what is the best way to contact you.

*I will create a reference for you to approve. 


Commissioning work is a unique boutique experience. Note: Due to the nature of a commission, the charge to the customer is higher for custom orders verses a regular painting for sale by the artist. 

This commission generally takes 2-5 days. 

Getting a work commissioned gives you the opportunity to be part of the artistic process and gives you the chance to have a personalised work of art that will stay with you forever.