Traditional Oil 1 Animal Commission with Heavy Texture

Traditional Oil 1 Animal Commission with Heavy Texture


Photo VS Painting comparison. I use photos that you supply to create a scene. This listing has photos from a past commission to give you an idea and example of the photos I will need. The second photo shows the reference I create and send to you for aproval. In this example the owner's dog has a favorite toy, a chick with a red barette. I traded out the sheep top for the chick for the final painting.

I can combine several photos to create a scene. It's best if the photos are taken outside.  Send up to 3 photos of the animal. I can create any background. It could be a background of where you live. Send photos of backgrounds you are interested in or if you want me to create one, let me know the type of scene. It also helps to send a photo of the room where the picture will hang in for color and decorating style referencing. We will be working closely on this. I will send updates to get your feedback throughout the process. Once we both feel it is finished, I will then create a floating frame for the painting, unless you would like the painting without the frame. The edges of the canvas will be finished so it will look beautiful on its own. Unframed art is a more contemporary look.  

Included frame finishes are natural wood, white or black.

Stained wood and other painted wood options are available for an additional charge.  


Commissioning work is a unique boutique experience. Note: Due to the nature of a commission, the charge to the customer is higher for custom orders verses a regular painting for sale by the artist. 

A one animal commission generally takes 1-3 weeks. 

Getting a work commissioned gives you the opportunity to be part of the artistic process and gives you the chance to have a personalised work of art that will stay with you forever.

  • Details

    This price covers a 12" x 12" canvas 

    A larger painting can be created for an additional cost.

    A floating frame is included.