Mini Waterscape Commission

Mini Waterscape Commission


The ocean is beautiful. What is your favorite beach or lake? I capture the essence of the place and time of day. These mini landscapes make a great remembrance as well as an attractive element to the home. The ocean is breathtakingly beautiful. Looking at these scene transports me and a peacefulness washes over me. Water is very soothing and creates a calming feature to your decore.  

There is a deminsional texture and shine to the mini landscape paintings that are created using a paint brush and palette knife. This little waterscape is 4” x 4” on wood panel. It can be mounted to a 100yr old board that is reminiscent of driftwood found on the beach, framed or placed on an easle. 


Commissioning work is a unique boutique experience. Note: Due to the nature of a commission, the charge to the customer is higher for custom orders verses a regular painting for sale by the artist. 

A waterscape commission generally takes 1-3 days. 

Getting a work commissioned gives you the opportunity to be part of the artistic process and gives you the chance to have a personalised work of art that will stay with you forever.

  • Materials

    4" x 4" wood panel

    acrylic paint

  • Included

    The painting can be mounted on the 100 yr old wood ready to hang

  • Floating frame is not included

    A floating frame

    *natural wood

    *stained or


    available for an additional charge.