3200x4200 Early Rise.jpg


Pet Portrait, Owl
Mini Landscape, &
Women in Nature Painter

About Nicole

Set Free to Dream

I'm an Arizona native living in Queen Creek 

with my husband, just a stone’s throw 

from our two children in Chandler.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a hard time understanding my feelings. I felt there was something wrong with me, I was unable to answer simple questions about how something made me feel, my mind would go blank and foggy, the more I tried to find an answer the worse it got. Overtime I accepted this as my own personal flaw that I would never connect with my inner voice or have anything important to say or express. This was until in my late forties my life changed after a near death experience where I believe I received a breath of life from an angel. After this my whole life changed, I started painting from my newfound voice and discovered my inner strength. I know my art and voice is now meant to help me see deep within this world and connect with the energy around us all on a spiritual level. I want my artwork to spread joy and happiness, helping others who may be struggling to find the answers they too have been searching for, which is why I wanted to share my artwork with you today.