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3200x4200 Early Rise.jpg


Pet Portrait, Owl
Mini Landscape, &
Women in Nature Painter

About Nicole

Set Free to Dream

For as long as I can remember, I struggled to understand and express my feelings and find my purpose. In my late 40’s, I had a near death experience where I believe I received a breath of life from an angel.  After this, my whole life changed. I try to be in the moment and treat every day as a gift, being thankful for the simplest of things, like the sound of a bird or the blue of the sky. The beauty of the world around me became a key component in my art and a transport to peace. I started painting from my newfound voice and discovered my inner strength. I want my artwork to spread joy and happiness, to help others, who may be struggling, find the answers they too may be searching for, to be set free to dream.

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