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Pet Portraits,
Mini Landscapes, &
Women in Nature Painter

About Nicole

Set Free to Dream

An Arizona native living in Queen Creek 

with her husband, just a stone’s throw 

from her two children in Chandler, 

Nicole McCaigue creates paintings in a 

home-based studio. She taps into her 

playful imagination, pulling from nostalgic 

memories. The scenes can have a touch 

of whimsy or be elegantly soothing. 


Nicole paints everything from a Harley in 

the Arizona desert to pets in their home 

setting or an imagined one, like from a 



Nicole’s work is versatile, rolling from one 

unique series to another. She often revisits 

and adds to existing series, like her 

women in nature with a bird. These paintings 

are spiritual in the sense that nature is her 



Her art takes you to another place and time.

It sets you free to dream and reminisce.

Original Artwork

Most of the artwork I create are commissions. I have very few originals available. 

Call to set up a commission consult or to view original paintings.