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Nicole emails a newsletter once to twice a month to stay connected. Nicole values the relationship she has with the people that enjoy viewing her artwork and considers them friends. In the Spring of 2021, she made the decision to take part in the Gilbert Art Walk and be an Artist-in-Residence in local shops to build relationships and be a part of a community. She is ready with a smile and thankful to have you in her life.     

When commissioning a painting or mural, Nicole will work closely with you. This is part of the fun. You get to be involved in the creative process. It is an exciting adventure providing you with a unique experience to work with a professional artist and see your ideas emerge into a painting that you will enjoy forever. 

Working with you to create a painting is what makes Nicole's heart sing and you will be able to see and feel that love in the care she takes to make the painting super special for you.        


She caters to you, working with you to create a painting that is the right size & color for the space and fits your budget. She works from photos you send of the subject/subjects you want painted, the space the painting will go in and any colors you want included.


The beginning steps of the commission are free and there is no obligation. After the sketch/mock-up of the future painting is created, Nicole places it in the space using the computer. This will help figure out the final size of the painting. Therefore, it works best to create the mock-up first before deciding on a size. I’ve got you. There is no charge for the mock-up so it’s a win for you. You will see what you are going to buy and how it will look in your home before the paint touches the canvas.


Ultimately, the price will depend on the size of the final hand-painted canvas. 

There is nothing like an original so if you want to commission an original painting then that is a great way to go. Size starts at 6" x  6" for $99.00 and can go up to whatever size you want. An example of a popular size is 24" x 24" for a ready-to-hang, painted canvas for $1150.00

There are creative options to keep the cost down and get the size you want that is budget friendly. The most popular is commissioning Nicole to paint a small canvas that is 6" x 6" for $99.00 and ordering a print in the size you want. That way you can order a print smaller or larger than the hand-painted 6" x 6" canvas.  A paper print will be the least expensive and a canvas or metal print will cost quite a bit more. 

Whatever direction you decide on, a payment plan can be specially designed to fit you comfort level. 


For large paintings, Nicole requires enough down to cover supplies, usually 1/2 depending on the size.  


For retail shops and designers interested in custom orders, buying in quantity, and purchasing on a frequent basis, call Nicole.  


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Arizona Sales Tax

Arizona residents are subject to sales tax. Queen Creek is 8.6%, Gilbert is 7.8% 

Payment Options

Contact me directly to discuss payment options.

Payment plans are available.

Payment Methods
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